Requiem του Dine Doneff (Κώστα Θεοδώρου)

  Ο Dine Doneff (Κώστας Θεοδώρου) είναι ένα εξαιρετικά ταλαντούχος νέος Έλληνας συνθέτης.

  Δείτε το videoclip από το κομμάτι του Requiem. Στο βίντεο σημειώνεται:

[…Only lingering echoes of the melody of the forbidden language
and undaunted dancing to songs without words.
Sometimes, once in a while,
comfort to our ears, the stealthy significance of the unwritten,
like some secret, dignified in silence
liquid lamentations over the graves of our forbears
where we mutes have just bid farewell,
and the villages, where behind us we left
bewildered windows and doors gaping in the wind
without crier or priest, or a pitcher for the spring] K.T.

from the booklet of the album ‘Rousilvo’ by Kostas Theodorou_Dine Doneff
(translated in English by Jonathan Smith)

the septet
Takis Farazis, piano / Dimos Dimitriadis, saxophone / Pantelis Stoikos, trumpet / Antonis Andreou, trombone / Kyriakos Tapakis, oud / Kostas Theodorou, double bass / Kostas Anastasiadis, drums

Requiem composed by Kostas Theodorou_Dine Doneff (1991) recorded April, 2004,
released March, 2010, Thessaloniki

filmed by Tome Rapovina, assistance Fotini Potamia, 
montage Pande Noushin 
no bizz productions 2012

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